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Our vision


True European fulfillment provider

We offer complex fulfillment solutions for e-commerce merchants. To level the e-commerce field for everyone. Small and medium e-commerce retailers were at a huge disadvantage competing with large established companies. Features as free shipping and seamless returns for the whole of the EU has enabled eCommerce giants to take major market shares. Crossborder expansion is a complicated and investment-demanding task. Take advantage of our established European logistics network and deliver in 3 days to the whole of Europe.

Reliable logistics network

We established a reliable logistics network in association with Ecosam Tech top tier software solution, developed for a high volume of daily orders and smooth integration to e-commerce platforms. We are focused majorly on investing in artificial intelligence, warehouse, and logistics automatization development. All of our software is being optimized daily. 

Gain a competitive advantage

Taking care of logistics for partners ranging from 10 - 1000 orders daily is a huge responsibility that we face daily. Gain a competitive advantage with local coverage in any market. We are keen on expanding our coverage of the European logistics network. Delays cause bad reviews and loose customers. However, exceeding customers' expectations leads to a pleasant surprise. Let us surprise your clients everyday.

Early growth

Our company has started as a custom solution fulfillment center for our e-commerce companies. From the beginning, we were solving the most common problems of the e-commerce world. Our rich experience in e-commerce had soon shown off as we were approached by more clients just by word of mouth! Clients loved that we had known pain points of e-commerce and focused on solving them.

Early growth

500 000

parcels delivered annually.


Over 60

successfully cooperating clients.



average expedition time of a parcel.



pick accuracy.


  • Transparency

 Ecosam Team's intention always has been honesty and transparency. Based on our Ecosam Tech platform where all detailed data about stock and orders are available 24/7. Discussing with our clients we are always truthful with services we can provide and pricing structure. 

  • Reliability 

We are well aware of the responsibility that logistics carries. Every delay causes an unsatisfied customer, resulting in a negative rating. On a flipside, quick delivery results in pleasant surprise, which we all love. We are a trustworthy backbone for more than 60 e-commerce stores.

  • Wisdom and experience

To become a reliable cross-border logistics partner for more than 60 partners in 21 European countries we have composed an experienced team. We actively attend e-commerce and logistics conferences to keep up with trends.


  • Understanding clients

The key to success is to understand the market. This is a fact for you, for us, and pretty much for every successful business. We are open to custom solutions, packing requirements that you demand.

  • Customer service

Logistics and e-commerce is a fast-paced field where customers demand quick delivery. Every problem needs to be solved within a few minutes avoiding delivery delays. With Ecosam, every client has assigned a dedicated person specialized within their niche.

  • Value-added services

Branding and customer experience are key in the modern e-commerce world. We offer a wide range of additional services for you, inserting marketing materials, invoices, labeling, repacking, assembly, quality checking etc.